Fed Submit Iris Scan (Add-On) Pack w/ Annual Maintenance


Fed Submit Iris  Features:

  •   High speed, self-stabilizing, dual iris scanner captures ISO compliant images in less than a second
  •   Intuitive user interface includes complete Fed Submit software integration
  •   Comfortable capture distance with intuitive audio and visual capture cues
  •   Compliant with ANSI/NIST industry standards
  •   Adaptable mounting options allow for agency customized capture station configurations
  •   Streamlined DPS and FBI Iris Image Identification submission capability
  •   Upgrades current Mentalix Live Scan stations without requiring a full system overhaul


  •   The Iris (Add-On) diversifies the standard Mentalix Fed Submit system with new data collection options and expands the Mentalix Release Verification solution to increase processing ease and speed.
  •   Additional modes of biometric identification improves the accuracy of matches on a local and federal level.
  •   Advancements in facial recognition software and stricter identification laws makes the capture of high quality iris scans invaluable for future legislation compliance.
  •   The FBI Iris Pilot Program was labeled as a top biometric priority in the 2017 CJIS Year in Review, and currently processes over 18,700 submissions a month.
  •   Rapid, touch free capture significantly decreases the need for advanced operator techniques, continual sanitation, and mandatory wear and tear replacement.

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