Fingerprint API Bundle

Mentalix’s Fingerprint API Bundle offers a complete set of API Toolkits for building a fingerprint NIST interface.  Designed for systems integrators and developers who work with the law enforcement industry, the Fingerprint API Bundle also addresses the fingerprint acquisition and processing needs of civilian security applications that require compliance with NIST standards and the FBI’s IAFIS Image Quality Specifications.  In short, this bundled SDK lets you create an FBI-certified interface that will scan, process, compress, print, and add mug shots to fingerprint records.  If you plan to use more than one of Mentalix’s API Toolkits, the Fingerprint API Bundle is more economical than purchasing multiple Toolkits separately.

The Fingerprint API Bundle includes:

The bundled software runs on Windows® and supports several (non-ADF) scanner models.  (For support of other platforms or an ADF scanner, you may purchase the applicable API Toolkit separately.)  Each Toolkit has a shared object library with a ‘C’ interface, allowing for easy integration within larger turnkey systems.  The DLL is easily usable in C, Visual Basic and .NET environments.


Fingerprint Scanning

Mentalix’s Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit is designed for integrators who provide electronic fingerprint identification systems.  This Toolkit allows you to build a scanning interface that is compliant with the FBI’s IAFIS Image Quality Specifications.  The flexible, yet easy-to-use library includes the cornerstone image acquisition functionality for 10-print card and latent scanning.

Our Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit is optimized for high quality, superior performance and smooth integration.  Systems integrators can set up an interface to scan standard 10-print fingerprint cards or user-defined latent print scans.  A template feature supports non-U.S. or custom cards.


Fingerprint Image Processing

The Fingerprint Utility API Toolkit lets you create a more complete solution by adding fingerprint image processing functions such as cropping, card validation and scanner hardware quality maintenance to your turnkey system.

Easy-to-use routines support the creation of ANSI/NIST files, which are compatible with specialized NIST formats such as the FBI’s EBTS standard.  The NIST file format can be used for storing biographical data and images with fingerprint data.  Mentalix’s comprehensive data export routines include single-step image writing with WSQ, JPEG and CCITT group compression.

The Image Quality API Toolkit enables NIST Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ) scoring functionality and returns an image quality score of 1-5.


WSQ Compression

The Fast WSQ API Toolkit offers FBI-certified fingerprint image compression and decompression functionality.  The WSQ format is the industry standard for compression of 500 ppi fingerprint data.


JPEG 2000 Compression

The J2K API Toolkit enables developers of custom fingerprint solutions to quickly add JPEG 2000 compression and decompression capabilities that meet the requirements of the NIST FP JPEG 2000 profile.


Fingerprint Card Printing

The CardPrint API Toolkit allows you to add FBI-certified, ten-print card printing capabilities to fingerprint systems.  The algorithm is specifically tuned for the printing of fingerprint images, to ensure that ridges are not broken up or hidden, as is typically seen with general-purpose laser printing algorithms.


Mug Shots & Other Images

The Pixel!SCAN API Toolkit rounds out the capabilities of the Fingerprint API Bundle by adding support for processing of non-fingerprint images, such as mug shots.  For example, you may add full-color scanning functionality to acquire biographical data documents, mug shots and other photos.


Maintenance & Support

A maintenance subscription entitles you to unlimited technical support, maintenance releases and upgrades for the duration of the contract.  Maintenance releases (designated by the number to the right of version decimal point) consist of minor enhancements and scanner support updates, which may include re-certification of scanners.  Upgrades are issued when a new scanner is FBI-certified, which alleviates the hassles of scanner end-of-life cycles.  Our engineering team also offers consulting to help you meet more specialized requirements.


    • AKI Services
    • Brazos Technology
    • CloverLeaf Solutions, Inc.
    • Dynamic Imaging Systems, Inc.
    • East Shore Technologies, Inc.
    • Excellium Technologies
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Indecs Consultores en Informatica Ltde.
    • ISC S.A.
    • KappaStone Technology
    • L‐1 Identity Solutions
    • Landmark Information Group Ltd.
    • Lockheed Martin Information Technology
    • MorphoTrak
    • NEC Corporation of America
    • NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology)
    • North Dakota Attorney General’s Office
    • Northrop Grumman
    • Orenex, Inc.
    • Raytheon FSS
    • Sagem Defense Sécurité
    • Sagem S.A.
    • SCI Consulting
    • SecuriMetrics (a Biometrics Division of L‐1 Identity Solutions)
    • Telefonica Empresas Peru S.S.A.
    • Unicom

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