CardPrint API Toolkit

Mentalix’s CardPrint API Toolkit enables systems integrators and OEMs to add FBI-certified ten-print card printing to their proprietary law enforcement and civilian security applications.  We also offer a CardPrint Runtime Library bundle that includes all of the runtime libraries necessary for printing fingerprint transactions directly from a NIST file.


FBI-Certified Card Printing

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has certified that CardPrint API Toolkit meets the Appendix F IQS Specifications for the Bureau’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).  The algorithm is specifically tuned for the printing of fingerprint images, to ensure that ridges are not broken up or hidden, as is typically seen with general-purpose laser printing algorithms.  As a result, the FBI will accept these cards for comparisons with the IAFIS fingerprint database.


Supports printing on both card forms and blank card stock

The CardPrint API Toolkit supports printing onto either card forms or blank card stock.  When printing onto blank card stock, the software allows you to print card boundaries and photos, along with fingerprint images.  The software already supports the most common card templates, such as FBI (criminal) and applicant cards.  We can also add support for custom card templates, such as those tailored for specific state, county or municipal agencies.



Because it works with off-the-shelf printing devices, CardPrint API Toolkit offers one of the most economical development tools for integrators and programmers.  Coupled with its ability to work with customized fingerprint interfaces, CardPrint API Toolkit provides an affordable total cost of ownership for OEMs and integrators.


Easy to integrate

The CardPrint API Toolkit simplifies the integration process, making it easy to add ten-print card printing functions to your proprietary interface.  Comprised of a single, platform-specific runtime library module, the product is available in a DLL for Windows®.  Mentalix already offers IAFIS-certified, ten-print card scanning and image compression toolkits.  The CardPrint API Toolkit may be used in conjunction with these other products to convert fingerprints to electronic files, then call up the computerized images for printing and submitting to law enforcement agencies for identification.  It can also be integrated with other biometric systems.


Reduces development effort

With its ‘C’ API, the CardPrint library module allows you to quickly add fingerprint card printing.  The subroutines provide core capabilities to minimize your efforts.


Comprehensive fingerprint solutions

Mentalix offers several fingerprint API Toolkits.  All can be used stand-alone, and all of them may be used in combination as a comprehensive ‘C’ API for fingerprint applications and non-fingerprint scanning needs.  From card scanning and printing to image processing and compression, Mentalix’s API Toolkits enable smooth integration of a customized fingerprint solution within turnkey systems.