Card Conversion Services

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Mentalix offers card conversion services for agencies that need to convert large volumes of fingerprint or palm print cards to electronic format.  Converting your hard cards to EBTS format saves storage space and offers a more accessible, manageable and efficient archive system.  By relying on Mentalix’s conversion services, you can eliminate the need to devote your personnel or equipment to conversion tasks -- we will do the work for you.

Many states mandate retention of fingerprint records for a certain number of years; however, electronic storage is now allowed in many cases.  For example, Texas Local Government Code 205.002 states:  “data may be stored electronically in addition to or instead of source documents in paper or other media.”  Such regulations allow for storage of fingerprint records in EBTS format – the format Mentalix uses for card conversion.



    • Converts tens to hundreds of thousands of fingerprint cards to EBTS-formatted files optionally stored in a single FS (Archive) system
    • Very minimal operator effort required to comply with storage laws
    • Improves on older methods with fullcard image capture and FBI-certified scanning, which lowers per-card scanning costs
    • Backups of electronic files can be stored in a separate location, as additional insurance against loss
    • While your cards are in Mentalix’s possession, they will be stored in a locked, secure, climate-controlled location
    • Per-card pricing is more economical than traditional approaches & gives you the flexibility to convert the number of cards that fit your budget

    • Cards are scanned with Mentalix’s FBI-certified Fed Submit Card Scan systems – used in several state government card processing facilities & law enforcement agencies
    • Fingerprint & (optional) palm print card capture
    • EBTS formatting
    • Front and back of each card is scanned and stored in the EBTS record
    • 500/1000 ppi options available
    • FBI-certified WSQ Version 3.1 compression
    • Optional, certified JPEG 2000 compression
    • Optional demographic data-entry services available
    • Optional:  Mentalix can provide military-grade containers for added security during card transit
    • Electronic files can be provided either on DVD media or in optional FS (Archive) database
    • Optional FS (Archive) System:
      • Database includes full text search capability
      • Card printing ability
      • Live matching function, when used with supported live scanner or single-finger device
      • Can be integrated with existing Fed Submit live scan system database

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