Fingerprint Archive

FS Archive




Electronic archive for fingerprint records

Mentalix’s FS Archive software allows law enforcement agencies to not only eliminate the need to retrieve fingerprint cards from storage, but also acts as an easily accessible electronic archive for all of your agency’s fingerprint records -- whether the prints were captured on inked cards or a live scanner.  The FS Archive database can be populated with fingerprints captured on any brand of live scanner.  However, a live scan system is not required; a database can also be built from past fingerprint arrest records submitted by an agency via hard copy or electronic means to some state agencies, or from inked fingerprint cards.


Eliminate your filing cabinets that are filled with old fingerprint cards.  With FS Archive, you can store, search and view your converted electronic files on a local computer.  Move the hard copies to off-site storage and free up space in your office.


    • Allows easy access to electronic fingerprint records without the need to retrieve hard cards from filing cabinets or off-site storage facilities
    • Retains data, shares information readily between other applications, and supports maximum subsequent use of the data after it is captured
    • Can be populated with fingerprints from any live scan system (several brands, including Mentalix), past fingerprint arrest records, or Mentalix card scan systems
    • Allows agencies that do not have a live scanner to build a local, electronic fingerprint database

    • FS Archive database stores 70,000+ records locally.  Optional upgrade to store a virtually unlimited number of transactions.
    • Stores fingerprint records in EBTS format
    • Imports fingerprint transactions from electronic files or DVD
    • Allows export of fingerprint transactions -- for example, for e-mailing to another authorized law enforcement agency
    • Receives and stores newly generated EBTS files from Mentalix or third-party live scan systems
    • Database can be populated from Mentalix Fed Submit card scan systems or Mentalix’s card conversion services
    • View transactions, including fingerprint, palm print, mug shot, and demographic data
    • Supports both 500 and 1000 ppi fingerprint and palm print images
    • Full-text search of all records
    • Quick search of main data fields in all records
    • FBI-certified printing capability with Fed Submit CardPrint Add-On
    • Enables access to fingerprint records at a separate workstation from the live scan station
    • SQL server-based system

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