Press Releases


Mentalix Receives New NIST JPEG 2000 Certification

Mentalix™ Launches Certified High-Volume Fingerprint Card Scans on Newly Developed Mentalix ADF R3™ Feeder

Mentalix’s Fed Submit Live Scan Fingerprint Systems Now Support JABS and CAS National Databases

Mentalix Launches Certified CardPrint Software for Printing Fingerprint Cards on a Lexmark MS810 Printer

Mentalix Fed Submit™ Live Scan System Enables North Texas Police to Identify Suspect in 15-Year-Old Murder Case

Mentalix Wins Card Conversion Contract from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Mentalix Issues Certified JPEG 2000 Fingerprint Compression Tools for Developers

Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ Card Processing 2.2 Supports More Efficient Fingerprint Card Conversion

Lexmark, Mentalix deliver first FBI-certified color fingerprint card printer solution for law enforcement

Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ Card Processing Allows Made-To-Order, High-Volume Fingerprint Card Scanning

Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ (TX) 1.8 Fingerprint Systems Make Instant Applicant And Arrest Submissions Affordable For Texas Agencies

Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ (Civil) 1.8 Fingerprint Systems Supply Electronic Background Checks At Lower Prices

Carrollton Police Employ Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ To Send Electronic Fingerprints To Texas DPS And FBI

Mentalix Releases FBI-Certified Fingerprint Card Printing Software

Mentalix Provides High-Speed Fingerprint Card Scans At Desktop Prices

Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ Delivers Electronic Fingerprint Cards

Mentalix’s Fast WSQ API Toolkit™ Is FBI-Certified On Four Platforms

Mentalix Adds NIST File Support To Fingerprint Software

Mentalix Releases Low Cost Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit™ Library

Mentalix Adds ADF Batch Support To Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit™

Mentalix Releases The Fastest WSQ Compression Software In The Industry

Mentalix Launches Fast WSQ API Toolkit™

Mentalix Ships Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit™ Version 3.0

Mentalix Provides Multi-Threaded, Faster Fingerprint Card Scanning

Mentalix Delivers New Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit™ Release

Mentalix Offers Online Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit™ Upgrades

Mentalix Provides The First IAFIS-Certified Latent Print Scanning Solution For Windows®

Mentalix’s Low-Cost Scanning Solution Receives FBI Certification

Mentalix Releases FBI-Certified Scanning Solution for Microtek Scanner

FBI Certifies Pixel! Products For Fingerprint ID System