Criminal Live Scan

Fed Submit (Criminal)




For criminal fingerprint or palm print capture and submission

Mentalix's Fed Submit (Criminal) product is used by law enforcement agencies that submit criminal fingerprint cards and arrest records to outside organizations such as the FBI and/or state agencies.  Submitting electronically typically allows booking personnel to verify a suspect's identity within minutes -- before having to release the suspect.  Fed Submit's adaptability, scalability and affordability enable even very small law enforcement agencies to obtain an electronic fingerprint submission system.

(If your agency submits fingerprint transactions to the Texas Department of Public Safety, see our Fed Submit (TX) version, which is customized for Texas DPS requirements.)





    • FBI-certified live scan and card scan support
    • Fingerprint and palm print capture available
    • 500 ppi FBI certification
    • FBI-certified WSQ compression
    • FBI-certified card printing on blank card stock with CardPrint add-on and supported printer
    • EBTS formatting
    • Works on desktop or notebook with Microsoft Windows 7
    • Fingerprint quality check
    • Fingerprint sequence check (with live scan)
    • Stores 70,000+ transactions
    • Full text search capability
    • Transaction reports
    • Supports submission of transactions via SMTP or FTP
    • Electronic submissions accepted by JABS
    • Customized data entry and field checks specific to criminal and applicant card requirements
    • Fingerprint-based matching capability within local database for searches or inmate release verification
    • Photo/mug shot capture (with add-on) and import
    • Integration with many AFIS matching systems and JMS/booking systems
    • Add-ons:  certified printing, swipe card reader, Admin stations, mug shot

    filedownloadFed Submit VPAT

    • Allows those with budget issues to start with low-cost card scanning; live scan can be added later.
    • Streamlines transaction administration, featuring fingerprint acquisition, submission and tracking.
    • Reduces receipt of results from months (when cards are mailed to outside agency) to minutes.
    • Permits a choice between complete solutions or individual components.
    • Can be customized to meet a state's special requirements -- for example, Fed Submit (TX) is tailored for submitting to Texas DPS and includes additional, state-specific features such as two-finger lookup and encrypted Internet submission.  Contact Mentalix to check availability for additional states.


     Computer & Monitor

    • Mid- to high-end range Intel (Core i5/i7 2.5+ GHz) or similar AMD processor
    • 4 GB or more memory
    • PCI-Express video card with 256 MB or more video RAM, capable of 1280 x 1024 resolution
    • For desktop PC:  20-inch or larger LCD flat-panel monitor; must be SXGA (Super Extended Graphics Array) capable or better
    • For notebook:  15-inch or larger LCD flat-panel display with SXGA or WSXGA capability
    • TCP/IP network connection (an encrypted, public or dedicated connection using dial-up, DSL, cable or high-speed network, as required by your destination agency).
      • If your destination agency is Texas DPS, qualifying agencies will only need an Internet connection for exchange of encrypted data with Texas DPS.  Non-qualifying agencies will need a dedicated line, router and firewall.
    • UPS power backup system (not required for notebook computers)

    Third-Party Software

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express
    • Microsoft Windows 7
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (or later)
    • To receive the full benefits of Mentalix maintenance, you will be required to provide remote access to your system.  This will allow Mentalix support personnel, while under your supervision, to diagnose problems on your system.  To enable remote access, you must install the LogMeIn client.

     SYSTEM OPTIONS -- Listed hardware is required only if you are using these options:

    Card Scanning

    • USB 2.0 port for USB scanners
    • Supported flatbed scanners:
      • Epson Perfection 4990 (PHOTO or PRO)
      • Epson Perfection V700 (PHOTO or PRO)

    Live Scanning

    • FireWire (IEEE 1394) port with cable:
      • For desktop, use 6P-6P (standard) cable
      • For notebook, use 6P-4P cable
    • If your computer requires an add-on adapter card to make a FireWire port available, use an Adaptec or SIIG FireWire adapter card.
    • Supported live scanners:
      • L SCAN Guardian
      • LITE-Ue (with palm scanning)
      • L SCAN 500P (with palm scanning)
      • L SCAN 1000PX (with palm scanning)
    • Recommended height of table (on which the live scanner will be placed) is approximately 43 inches.  (Disregard if you are purchasing a Mentalix-supplied ruggedized cabinet.)

    Single-Finger Scanning

    • SecuGen Hamster IV
    • BlueCheck II

    Card Printing

    • Lexmark T650dtn printer
      • For local connection:  USB 2.0
      • For (optional) network connection:  TCP/IP LAN

    Magnetic Swipe Card Reader

    • Note: Swipe card readers only recognize AAMVA-compliant ID cards.  To verify your state's compliance, see the "magnetic stripe" jurisdictions at
    • USB 2.0 port
    • MagTek™ USB 3-Track Magnetic Swipe Card Reader with included USB cable, Black (Part No. 21040102) or White (Part No. 21040101)

  • filedownloadFed Submit (Criminal) brochure

    filedownloadCarrollton Police testimonial

    filedownloadFed Submit product line overview

    • Duchesne (Utah) Sheriff’s Office
    • Great Plains Technology Center
    • New London (Wisconsin) Police Department
    • Roosevelt City (Utah) Police Department
    • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • Shawnee (Oklahoma) Police Department
    • Vernal (Utah) Police Department