Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Mentalix offers a variety of API products for systems integrators and developers who want to add fingerprint scanning and processing capabilities to existing law enforcement systems.  All of our solutions are software‐only products.  Our Toolkits work standalone; they all work together as well, which means that you can easily combine various Toolkits to obtain the functionality you need.  For more information on Mentalix’s fingerprint products, contact a Mentalix sales representative.

All Mentalix Toolkits are designed to make it as easy as possible for integrators to create a custom interface.  API libraries, subroutines and samples are included.  Mentalix takes care of the FBI certification process and is committed to keeping the software current with operating system versions and new scanning and printing devices.



Which API products do you need? Select a single Toolkit or combine multiple products to match your functionality requirements:

  • Fingerprint Scan API Toolkit
    Primary fingerprint product for ten‐print card and latent print scanning.  Works with specified off‐the‐shelf scanning devices.  FBI IAFIS‐certified libraries available.


  • Fast WSQ API Toolkit
    WSQ compression/decompression of fingerprint images.  Efficient storage method with minimal loss in image quality, based on the FBI’s preferred WSQ format.  FBI‐certified libraries available.


  • J2K API Toolkit
    JPEG 2000 compression/decompression of 1000 ppi fingerprint, palm print and footprint images.  Efficient storage method with minimal loss in image quality, based on the FBI’s preferred JPEG 2000 format.  Transcoding functionality between JPEG 2000 and WSQ formats included.


  • CardPrint API Toolkit
    FBI‐certified, ten‐print card printing.  Works with off‐the‐shelf printers, including black-and-white as well as color printers.  Produces printed cards that the FBI accepts for IAFIS comparisons.  Integrates with Mentalix’s other API Toolkits and with proprietary biometrics systems.


  • Fingerprint Utility API Toolkit
    Fingerprint image processing and manipulation functions, such as advanced cropping and automated correction of card placement error.  Asynchronous scanning works in the background, freeing up your computer for other tasks.  Reads and writes NIST files.


  • Image Quality API Toolkit
    The Image Quality API Toolkit enables NIST Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ) scoring functionality and returns an image quality score of 1-5.  Included in the Fingerprint API Bundle product.



  • Fingerprint API Bundle
    For Windows users, we now offer the Fingerprint API Bundle, which supports all non-ADF scanners and includes the API Toolkits listed above at a fraction of the regular price.  A subscription also entitles you to upgrades any time a new scanner is FBI‐certified, which alleviates the hassles of scanner end-of-life cycles.