Capture, view, and submit your fingerprints in-house

Electronically submit your fingerprint transactions to state law enforcement agencies, OPM, and LexisNexis

Convert your physical fingerprint cards to electronic NIST format with Mentalix’s card conversion service

Enter less demographic data using Mentalix's free integration with AFIS and RMS/JMS programs


  • Navy Personnel Command
  • Arvest Bank
  • Pfizer
  • Raytheon FSS
  • FedEx Services
  • Shell Oil
  • The US Department of Education
  • and more


Since 1987, Mentalix has developed FBI-certified fingerprint acquisition solutions for end users and systems integrators.

  • Aton International, Inc. – Read
  • Carrollton (Texas) Police Department –  Read
  • Landmark Information Group, Ltd. – Read
  • UMB Bank – Read

GSA Contract

Government customers can purchase certain Mentalix products through the GSA Advantage website using grant funding.

Type “Mentalix” in your search box to browse the Mentalix GSA product catalog. (or our contract number: GS-07F-0014V)

Products and Services

Applicant Live Scan

Mentalix’s Fed Submit (Civil) and Fed Submit (OPM) products are used by civilian and security companies — such as banks, airports and government agencies — that are mandated or permitted to submit background checks to the FBI, LexisNexis or OPM.

Criminal Live Scan

Mentalix’s Fed Submit (Criminal) product is used by law enforcement agencies that submit criminal fingerprint cards and arrest records to outside organizations such as the FBI and/or state agencies.

Texas Live Scan

Mentalix’s Fed Submit (TX) product is used by law enforcement agencies that submit criminal fingerprint transactions and arrest records to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Applicant cards can also be printed for mailing by organizations that must submit background checks to the Texas DPS

Card Conversion Services

Mentalix offers card conversion services for agencies that need to convert large volumes of fingerprint or palm print cards to electronic format. Converting your hard cards to EBTS format saves storage space and offers a more accessible, manageable and efficient archive system.

Mobile ID

Mentalix’s FS IDMS solution gives Texas law enforcement agencies the ability to build an electronic fingerprint database and use mobile, single-finger devices to verify a subject’s identity in the field. The FS IDMS identity management database can be populated with fingerprints captured on any brand of live scanner.

Fingerprint Archive

Mentalix’s FS Archive software allows law enforcement agencies to not only eliminate the need to retrieve fingerprint cards from storage, but also acts as an easily accessible electronic archive for all of your agency’s fingerprint records — whether the prints were captured on inked cards or a live scanner.

Card Scan

The Fed Submit software that is included with all of our live scan systems can also be used for FBI‐certified scanning of fingerprint cards with a flatbed scanner.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Mentalix offers a variety of API products for systems integrators and developers who want to add fingerprint scanning and processing capabilities to existing law enforcement systems.

Download Software

All Mentalix Toolkits are designed to make it as easy as possible for integrators to create a custom interface. API libraries, subroutines and samples are included.


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