Mentalix Releases FBI-Certified Fingerprint Card Printing Software

Press Release
March 21, 2003


CardPrint API Toolkit™ Produces Quality Ten-Print Images with the Lexmark T522®

PLANO, Texas — Mentalix, Inc. announces the availability of its new CardPrint API Toolkit.  The software enables systems integrators to add FBI-certified fingerprint card printing functionality to existing law enforcement solutions and is one of the most cost-effective printing alternatives available for fingerprint system developers.  CardPrint API Toolkit runs on Windows XP/NT/2000® and supports the Lexmark T522 laser printer, known for its speed and high-resolution output.  The printed images produced by CardPrint are of such quality that the resulting ten-print cards can be used for fingerprint identification purposes.

CardPrint’s FBI certification status means that the FBI will accept the CardPrint cards for comparisons against the Bureau’s IAFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System) fingerprint database.  Mentalix already offers IAFIS-certified, ten-print card scanning and image compression toolkits.  The CardPrint API Toolkit may be used in conjunction with these other products — theFingerprint Scan API Toolkit™ and the Fast WSQ API Toolkit™, respectively — to convert fingerprints to electronic files, then call up the computerized images for printing and submitting to law enforcement agencies for identification.  In addition, the CardPrint API Toolkit can be integrated with other biometric systems currently on the market.

“Mentalix created CardPrint in response to requests from our OEM and systems integrator partners,” Paul Siegert, Mentalix president and CEO, said.  “Some of their customers wanted to print hard copies of electronic fingerprint cards for case files or for sending to the FBI for identification.  The developers needed a crisp, high-resolution printing application that could easily be integrated with either their proprietary solutions or with the Mentalix products they already use.  We are pleased to make CardPrint available to these integrators, because it offers the lowest total cost of ownership for applications development.”

Mentalix provides several fingerprint software packages for developers and systems integrators.  Contact the company for details.


Incorporated in 1987, Mentalix develops FBI-certified fingerprint acquisition solutions for both end users and systems integrators.  The company leads the industry with the most IAFIS-compliant fingerprint solutions, and its API products are used as key components in turnkey systems by many of the top biometric developers worldwide.  Mentalix targets custom, systems integration and off-the-shelf imaging solutions for Windows and a variety of UNIX systems.  Mentalix maintains its headquarters north of Dallas in Plano, Texas.

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