Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ Card Processing 2.2 Supports More Efficient Fingerprint Card Conversion

Press Release
March 11, 2009


PLANO, Texas — Mentalix, Inc. ( has released the latest version of its Fed Submit Card Processing software, used by service bureaus and law enforcement agencies to convert large volumes of fingerprint cards to electronic format.  Version 2.2 includes a database upgrade based on SQL, which enables many time-saving features and allows the system to operate more efficiently.

Fed Submit Card Processing enables the use of multiple, off-the-shelf, flatbed scanners to scan and convert inked fingerprint cards to the FBI-accepted NIST/EBTS electronic format.  Options include the ability to process cards one at a time or through batch processing with an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanner, which allows the customer to separate the scanning and demographic data input tasks.  A single operator can control multiple scan stations, with no limits on the number of cards that can be processed.  To facilitate even the largest card scan projects, Fed Submit Card Processing is exceptionally scalable:  an unlimited number of scan stations can simultaneously populate the same database, while an unlimited number of users can enter demographics at the same time on data-entry workstations.  Fed Submit Card Processing provides an interface for scanning fingerprint or palm print cards at either 500 or 1000 ppi (pixels per inch), scanning related documents or photos that can be associated with the fingerprint record, creating electronic fingerprint files, checking the data, tracking scan statistics, submitting to an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), and publishing the files to storage media.

Suited for both one-time projects and ongoing processing needs, Fed Submit Card Processing is targeted at service bureaus, federal agencies, state AFIS, and large city agencies.  Mentalix offers per-card or per-station pricing options.

“Fed Submit Card Processing has been used widely by multiple state police agencies to scan thousands of archived fingerprint cards,” Mentalix President Brian Gross said.  “By converting their cards to electronic format, these agencies reduce or eliminate the need to warehouse paper card archives, while bringing access to their cards online where they can easily be searched and accessed.”

The Fed Submit Card Processing database now runs on Microsoft® SQL Server Express, and includes many multi-threaded tasks to eliminate processing wait time.  A vast majority of the software in Fed Submit Card Processing has been ported to .NET, and database access code has been migrated to ADO.NET, thereby improving performance and robustness.  Scanning can now be performed in the background while data-entry or quality assurance tasks are occurring, and reliable backups can be done without requiring Fed Submit to be shut down.  New features also include support for handheld barcode scanners to enable more efficient data-entry processing, grayscale display of demographic regions to effectively eliminate the need for viewing hard cards during data entry, and the addition of editable crop boxes on data-entry stations.

Mentalix can customize the Fed Submit Card Processing interface to match a company’s workflow and to support particular fingerprint card templates.  For example, the software can be configured to identify cards based on barcodes.  Such data can also be used to match and import demographic data supplied from the customer’s database.  The system also enables scans of both sides of each card.  Quality assurance tasks can be performed at separate stations.  In addition, the software tracks scanning rates and input errors by user, thereby providing a means to reward scan station operators based on performance.

All of Mentalix’s Fed Submit products comply with the FBI’s IAFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System) standards for both ten-print card scanning and live scans, as applicable.  The software meets ANSI/NIST fingerprint submission requirements, yet data fields can be customized to meet the formatting requirements for specific agencies.  Fed Submit’s scalability accommodates the needs of small departments or large companies.  Options include FBI-certified card printing, submissions from multiple workstations or locations, limited-access workstations for conducting administrative tasks, barcode recognition, customization to match workflow, batch processing, and custom report generation.

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Incorporated in 1987, Mentalix develops FBI-certified fingerprint acquisition solutions for both end users and systems integrators.  The company leads the industry with the most IAFIS-compliant fingerprint solutions, and its API products are used as key components in turnkey systems by many of the top biometric developers worldwide.  Mentalix targets custom, systems integration and off-the-shelf imaging solutions for Windows and a variety of UNIX systems.  Mentalix maintains its headquarters north of Dallas in Plano, Texas.

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