Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ Delivers Electronic Fingerprint Cards

Press Release
May 29, 2002

Fed Submit Software and Workstations Speed Up Background Checks

PLANO, Texas — Mentalix, Inc. announces the release of Fed Submit, a Windows®-based product that allows users to automate the process of submitting fingerprint cards for applicant background checks. Fed Submit saves time by enabling customers to transmit ten-print cards from potential employees or license applicants electronically, instead of mailing them to a verification agency.  The software can be customized to comply with specific state or processing agency requirements.  Typical customers include government agencies that transmit data to the OPM (Office of Personnel Management), banks that submit background checks to the ABA (American Bankers Association), and airports that send fingerprints to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

The program complies with the FBI’s AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) scanning, transmission and compression standards.  Fed Submit meets ANSI/NIST fingerprint submission requirements, upon which virtually all state, federal and civilian agencies’ identification systems are based.  The software can be installed on the user’s existing hardware, or customers may purchase a complete workstation package that includes both pre-installed software and hardware.

“Fed Submit is intended for customers who want an easy-to-use, affordable system that does not require extensive user training or complex, expensive hardware,” Paul Siegert, Mentalix CEO and president, states.  “We are automating established fingerprint submission methods, making the transition to a faster system economical and painless.”

Customers can choose between a software-only version and the Fed Submit Workstation, which includes the software as well as the necessary computer, monitor and scanner.  Both solutions are affordable and use off-the-shelf equipment.  Fed Submit configurations support a range of scanners, so that customers can select the device that best meets their needs.  Desktop models, high-speed scanners and devices that support an automatic document feeder are all supported.  Inquire at


Incorporated in 1987, Mentalix develops FBI-certified fingerprint acquisition solutions for both end users and systems integrators.  The company leads the industry with the most IAFIS-compliant fingerprint solutions, and its API products are used as key components in turnkey systems by many of the top biometrics developers worldwide.  Mentalix targets custom, systems integration and off-the-shelf imaging solutions for Windows and a variety of UNIX systems.  Mentalix maintains its headquarters north of Dallas in Plano, Texas.

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