Mentalix’s Fed Submit™ (TX) 1.8 Fingerprint Systems Make Instant Applicant And Arrest Submissions Affordable For Texas Agencies

Press Release
July 19, 2004


PLANO, Texas — Mentalix, Inc., a Texas-based company, announces the availability of Fed Submit (TX) version 1.8, an inkless live scan fingerprint solution that permits city, county and state law enforcement agencies, as well as human resources departments in organizations such as Texas schools, to capture fingerprints electronically and transmit background check requests and arrest records to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) via encrypted Internet files.  New features in version 1.8 include palm print scanning, user-specific permission settings for improved access security, swipe card reader support, storage of greater than fifty thousand records, and integration with third-party and custom booking systems.

“For Texas law enforcement, using Fed Submit can provide a tremendous cost savings,” Juan Flores, Mentalix’s Texas regional sales representative, says.  “Internet submission capability means that expensive routers, dedicated lines and the associated maintenance costs are eliminated.”

Flores continues:  “Because Fed Submit creates the Electronic Arrest Record form, users can also eliminate duplicate data entry and paperwork, since they no longer have to produce a separate hard copy of the arrest/CR-43 form.  Many of our Texas customers are pleased with the new booking system integration feature, for a similar reason — Fed Submit works with third-party booking systems commonly used in Texas, which means that the subject’s biographical data only has to be entered once.  We’ve also added XML integration, which allows integration with independently created Jail Management Systems.  Fed Submit also supports digital photo capture systems, so agencies that already have booking and mug shot systems can keep that technology in place and add live scanning.”

Other fingerprint systems typically store no more than 1,000 records and charge additional fees for increased storage capability.  Fed Submit (TX) 1.8, however, can access over 50,000 records locally.  This capacity allows for later retrieval of data and may be used to print hard copies of both fingerprint cards and CR-43 forms from past arrests on an as-needed basis.  Users can also search the database for any piece of textual information from past arrests to assist in solving cold cases.  The necessity of storing hard copies and fingerprint cards in files is significantly reduced.

Flores points out that schools can also use Fed Submit (TX) for conducting background checks on new hires.  “Schools can benefit by doing applicant background checks with built-in quality assurance, and with Fed Submit, this can be done efficiently and at low cost,” he says.  “They can get an immediate response from DPS, removing potential liabilities from the schools for hiring felons.”

Fed Submit (TX) is customized for sending electronic fingerprint records securely and quickly to the Texas DPS, and the system receives and tracks the results of the agency’s database search.  Many administrative functions are available for streamlining data entry, database searches, reports, and record tracking for multiple users or locations.  Fed Submit (TX) was the first solution to allow law enforcement agencies to submit encrypted fingerprint records, along with associated subject biographical data and arrest information, to the Texas DPS electronically for identification comparisons against the state’s AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) database and to track the received responses.  The software also supports Two-Finger Lookups, which can be used by law enforcement to instantly verify an arrestee’s identity.

Fed Submit (TX) complies with the FBI’s IAFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System) scanning, transmission and WSQ compression standards for both ten-print card scanning and live scans.  The software also meets ANSI/NIST fingerprint submission requirements.  The Windows®-based system can be expanded to accommodate the needs of larger agencies, with options such as FBI-certified card printing, a store-and-forward system, and limited-access workstations for conducting administrative tasks.

To arrange for an on-site demo, call Juan Flores at (972) 423-9377 Ext. 125, or e-mail him at


Incorporated in 1987, Mentalix develops FBI-certified fingerprint acquisition solutions for both end users and systems integrators.  The company leads the industry with the most IAFIS-compliant fingerprint solutions, and its API products are used as key components in turnkey systems by many of the top biometric developers worldwide.  Mentalix targets custom, systems integration and off-the-shelf imaging solutions for Windows and a variety of UNIX systems.  Mentalix maintains its headquarters north of Dallas in Plano, Texas, and is a registered Texas CMBL vendor (#1752188110600).

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