October 18, 2017Jay
  1. Fix Camera rotation problem for older cameras
  2. Improved display/selection of ORI related fields on Texas tab of Configure menu
  3. Swipe card reader incorrectly added a space to the end of 9 digit zipcodes
  4. Don’t populate zipcode or address information from swipe card reader on Create form when those fields are not visible (i.e. applicant)
  5. In OPM mode (and ABAE, CDOJ, FAA, NIGC, NSW, and NSWFBI mode) the Transaction Type combobox on the Options->Configure Form was not limited to the correct values
  6. Do not send 2.7201 (Expungement) field to TXDPS
  7. WPF Camera Control bugfix
  8. OPM initial support in WPF version

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