November 18, 2017Jay
  1. Added L Scan Essentials check for replace pad warning that Guardian 200 scanner can produce, and treat all device warnings as warnings, allowing user to continue
  2. Update L Scan Essentials check of SDK version to make sure customers are on latest version
  3. Fix problem importing multidata through EAR files where dobs were being used to populate other fields like SMTs (WPF)
  4. Do not attempt XML validation on RelVer transactions
  5. Handle longer lines in printing code
  6. When printing miscellaneous responses split lines that are longer than 80 characters into multiple lines using word wrap technique
  7. Fix problem where FBI responses could be potentially deleted in TXDPS mode with delayed response deletion (adult/juvenile)
  8. XML import did not handle case incorrect XML tags (WPF) (WhiteSettlement)

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