June 26, 2018Jay
  1. Updated IIDS spec info
  2. Bugfix for MNUs
  3. CDOJ Updates (More data sources + rules + fields)
  4. Fix/Add rule based visibility for DOB
  5. Add T2_RPR field for IIDS Transactions
  6. First names should only be required to be 1 character in length
  7. DOO is not required for Texas transactions
  8. switch to latest Crystal Reports version (23)
  9. Various OSBI bugfixes + CDOJ Updates (DCD + REG Tab data sources)
  10. Updates on FSCP (Tree View with Batch Groups + Add Expedited option)
  11. Improved Ipevo Back captures for FSCP
  12. New Ipevo SDK
  13. Limit Mugshot and SMT photos to a maximum width of 768 pixels

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