August 21, 2018Jay
  1. Various CDOJ + OSBI Updates
  2. OSBI Bugfixes + Add Confirm Dialog before submission
  3. Updates on FSCP
  4. FSCP Checkpoint (has bug)
  5. Segmentation algorithm integration
  6. UI Updates on CDOJ (TabIndex)
  7. Segmentation: Updated parameters for too close fingers
  8. StringToDateConverter did not handle 7/28/2018
  9. Avoid crash when Batch Processing transactions that were scanned at the wrong (300ppi) resolution
  10. use the correct image for uncropped prints
  11. Exclude fpsegment calls using opencv from 64 bit build because only 32 bit opencv available at this time
  12. TemplateField and TemplateText were missing most recent editions to these in low level C structures (pitchAndFamily, faceName)
  13. Support XML Template to TPL Template conversion

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