October 16, 2018Jay
  1. Reduce warnings for EWS receive (New London)
  2. Attempt to fix possible thread safe problem detected on phoebe when scanning a batch
  3. improved cropping of back image
  4. Attempt to fix refresh issue with FSCP
  5. Another fix for FSCP timer issue
  6. when using a FileStream in Read mode virus detection can interfere if you don’t set FileShare.ReadWrite
  7. Remove duplicate open door in load paper
  8. Fix autocrop issue when card isn’t placed against edge
  9. Bugfix for FSCP CDOJ + Other memory related fixes
  10. Another bug fix for FSCP (Sql query)
  11. encapsulate Arduino calls in a mutual exclusion lock to prevent multiple threads from attempting to make simultaneous R3 commands
  12. Add InitializeR3 interface command to be called at the beginning of a batch scan

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