February 21, 2019Jay
  1. Implement common DeleteTransaction function that also deletes the eft file (if not stored in a BLOB)
  2. Add DeleteTransactions Admin Function for CCSO to delete expunged transactions
  3. Change TCN to <TOT>TCN for RISC transactions
  4. reorder folder check for case of missing installdir
  5. Add button on Top Level Form that links to Changelogs on website
  6. various LaunchWork fixes
  7. Comment out sequence check in batch prep
  8. Priority tuning for OREC jobs in LaunchWork
  9. Latest improvements to fingerprint 14-print detection
  10. Attempt detection / deletion of mi-scans with black lines on sides
  11. Avoid crash in AARP code
  12. Implement DoNotRetain while creating transaction (Deletes transaction after apprx. 1 hour)
  13. various crop improvements

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