March 14, 2019Jay
  1. Don’t swap bytes during Lanczos scaling when scaling 8 bit or 24 bit data!
  2. Updates for FAA AppMode
  3. LaunchWork support for a backup task
  4. trim case name and box name before updating BatchBoxStatus table
  5. Box review check for 2 unprintable thumbs or 2 unprintable little fingers
  6. ManualCrd should reject displaying 0 width boxes
  7. AutoCard should better handle situations with more than 4 vertical lines in top area
  8. Bugfix for View Transaction background load when there are no transactions in DB
  9. need to use standard 8×8 card as default card and not 8×5 version
  10. don’t create templates where width of little finger is too small
  11. Fix regenerate crd code in Inventory
  12. Override returned value of 1 unprintable slap thumb print from OpencvFindCardPrints14
  13. Implement and Enable Barcode Scanner
  14. Updates on FAA
  15. Fix problem in AutoCard where more than 5 columns are detected
  16. Returned widths are sometimes less than 0 from OpencvFindCardPrints14. Force these to a positive number
  17. Enable FAA AppMode in FS WPF
  18. UI Updates/Bugfixes

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