• Print Problem

    March 19, 2021 Jay

    Mentalix’s Print service has been experiencing problems since 9th March 2021 due to a recent windows update. Users will be experiencing problems while printing fingerprint cards because of this Windows update. More info at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/march-18-2021-kb5001649-os-builds-19041-870-and-19042-870-out-of-band-ebbe0617-3a63-467a-aaaa-2a4c68a6de33 We are not sure when a fix will be available from Microsoft but contact us and our support team will…

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  • 3.2-000n.

    March 11, 2021 Jay

                  1) WSQ support working for Android x86 mode               2) Update IB Support to IB ScanUltimate 3.7.1               3) Bugfix for date picker

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