January 30, 2018Jay
  1. Do not use ‘C:\temp’ folder – which can result in print jobs repeating (Garfield) infinitely
  2. For ODIS integration via ‘Create from RMS’ show complete OSBI Create Popup with subject selection, to allow submit/donotsubmit option, and add option to change the print template.
  3. Update Canon EDSDK version to 3.6.1
  4. When importing FedSubmit XML files ignore ORIA values that are not in the configuration list
  5. Bugfix for OSBI NFUF rule spec + Add missing CameraControl code in Access Create
  6. In OSBI mode — do not print disposition/filing reports for applicants.
  7. FSCP bugfix for Wisconsin DOJ mode.
  8. Additional 2018 copyright messages.
  9. Improved printing of mid responses from response view form

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