April 28, 2018Jay
  1. New icons for Fed Submit, etc.
  2. Fed Submit Access icon no longer installed on desktop
  3. Various bugfixes for Configure Form WPF and OSBI WPF
  4. Many Updates for CDOJ
  5. Expression 12000XL Appendix F submission
  6. Add Initialize call for R3
  7. Raise default number of attempts to 600 for Submit jobs to reduce the chance that Oklahoma jobs will fail when the VPN is not connected for a couple of days
  8. Don’t allow saving 1000 ppi type 15 data  in WSQ format or 500 ppi type 15 in JP2 format
  9. Remove errant use of \tmp
  10. Add scheme to write flag file if LAA needs to be run, and if so, LAA is run at startup before starting Fed Submit Access version.

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