September 11, 2018Jay
  1. Updates on FSCP (Alternate UI for Skip, Next, Discard etc)
  2. Update OSBI fingerprint and palmprint tpls and crds
  3. Attempt to Improve View Transaction’s efficiency + UI Updates on FSCP
  4. Attempt to limit MKE to acceptable values
  5. Add Print Hit/No Hit button in View Response Form (OSBI)
  6. Bugfix for Texas MKE
  7. updated OSBI tpls
  8. ORIA Bugfix while importing (TXDPS)
  9. Implement GEAC Imports for WPF
  10. Updates on FSCP – New CDOJ Batch Processing Form
  11. Heartbeat events should just check category of “HEARTBEAT”
  12. Attempt to fix memory leak related to DesktopNotifications objects that were not properly freed
  13. Add Move2Center calls to R3 API

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