Palm Scan Trade-In Offer for Texas Agencies

May 27, 2010Alissa

For Texas law enforcement agencies, Mentalix is currently offering discounts on complete palm print live scan systems with trade-ins. If you are not getting the most from your old live scan system or if your hardware is nearing end of life, this is an excellent opportunity to take control of your technology choices and replace your old system with an up-to-date solution that includes more capabilities and strong support.

Mentalix’s solutions are consistently ranked as having the lowest live scan error rate. Our turnkey solutions also provide unique features not available from other vendors, such as fingerprint-based release verification checks that allow you to confirm identity locally and storage of 70,000+ transactions without requiring a separate archive. Mentalix systems also include integration with most local AFIS and JMS programs at no cost from Mentalix.

If you are interested in an on-site demonstration or proposal, contact Juan Flores today and mention the Texas palm system trade-in promo.

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