We Love Our Customers: The Ongoing Perks of Mentalix

February 13, 2019Alissa



We love our customers, and we love to give back to the Mentalix community by providing the best products and service to each and every one of the organizations and agencies that rely on our systems to get the job done. If you’re a Mentalix customer, whether for many years or only a day, you have access to loads of perks, features, and upgrades that help make your live scan experience the best it can be.




Unmatched Support

When you call Mentalix you’re calling real people, with real Mentalix livescan experience, who really care about ensuring your success. We don’t outsource, our entire support team is based in our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and has years of direct experience using and installing Mentalix systems. We know what it’s like to be on the other end of the line, so we know just how critical it is to get the help you need and the service you deserve. Our high-quality systems just work, but rest assured if you need us, we’ll be there.



Affordable Offers

To meet our community’s different needs and budgets, Mentalix frequently offers standing, limited, and even exclusive promotions throughout the year. Through Mentalix, your agency has access to a diverse variety of promotions that make updates, trade-ins, and expansions easy and affordable. Whether you’re interested in adopting Mobile ID, or just looking to upgrade your old PC to get more from your live scan, let Mentalix help you make the most of your system in the most affordable way possible.

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Frequent Updates

At Mentalix we’re dedicated to improving our community’s live scan experience, and that includes continually rolling out software updates for all of our maintenance customers. Our development team works directly with our support staff to regularly produce updates and expand features our customers want and need, all free of any additional charge. Mentalix products are designed with the user in mind, so we always strive to improve our products to fit their needs, day by day, update by update.




Extra Features

When it comes to our products, we like to go above and beyond, and that includes packing them full of additional features that make our customers jobs a little easier. Like a massive local database and an integrated release verification feature to provide agencies with an additional layer of certainty and security to all their facilities. Or a color-coded quality check, live capture feedback, and fully-customizable search tools to make managing your transactions quick and easy. Our live scan systems do a lot more than just capture fingerprints.



Endless Options

As time passes, an organization’s needs change, and we’re always looking to meet that need. Whether it’s our expansive add-on line that can be added to fully tailor an agency’s system, or our ongoing product and workflow development, we offer a suite of solutions for every agency. We offer the more standard fare of mug-shot and certified printing packages, but we also offer the latest in biometric identification including Iris scanning, facial recognition, and Mobile ID. We’re always expanding our product line and gaining FBI certifications, making it incredibly affordable for a Mentalix system to grow as your organization grows.




High-Quality Products, High-Quality Results.

The numbers speak for themselves, we make a mighty fine live scan. According to monthly error reports conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Mentalix averages, across seventy-two systems all over the state of Texas, an average error rate of 0.46%. That’s less than half of a single percent, and sixteen times lower than the industry average. As a result, Mentalix users spend fewer hours re-printing, troubleshooting, and resubmitting, giving them time to focus on the work that really matters. We don’t just provide our customers with excellent service, we provide them with an excellent product.

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